Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Archangel Michael

Leaving Estella yesterday, we immediately got lost. A man noticed our ¨deer in the headlights¨look, and tried to point us in the right diredtion, and then we were joined by another man who walked with us about a kilometer to the edge of the trail. His Germnan was pretty good, and Marty speaks German better than either of us speaks Spanish, so we were able to communicate pretty well. Our guide, a man of about 60, had been something of a wild child. Among other things, he´d run with the bulls in Pamplona many times. Finally gored, he quit that particular hobby. He asked if we were religious. We admitted that we were, and he said that he used to be, but ¨Vatican, it´s...¨and he smacked his forehead. ¨Crazy?¨¨Si, si crazy!¨he has decided that when he wants to talk to God he´ll just do so, and he also always tries to be nice to people. When we reached the trail, he wished us a good trip, and gave each of us a handful of Starburst candies. Viaticum. ¨Su nombre?¨¨Michael Angelo.¨Michael the archangel. No dragons slain that day, but surely a message for us. At least a redirection back along the right path. With Starburst!!

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